Tako Tomago Wave Vocal Samples

Tako Tomago Wave Vocal Samples Demo

From Los Angeles based Singer/Songwriter and Producer Tako Tomago, Wave Vocals is a new collection of sounds designed to fuel the creation of Wave and Melodic Bass music.

 From energetic hooks and leads, to icy and hollow atmospherics and vocal chops- this pack has all the vocals you need to fill your productions with human emotion.

Pack specs

  • 100+ Vocal Samples including:
  • Hooks
  • Verses
  • Atmospheric vocals / chops
  • One shots
  • Original 'Phonk' Acapellas and chops
  • Harmonies
  • in a wide range of bpms and keys.
Oneshot Wet
Oneshot Atmos
Oneshot Holdit
Acapella LatelyIdontchop
Acapella Roll1Up
Surrender Dry
Shadows Verse Wet
Spacey Harmz