Tako Tomago Wave Vocal Samples
Tako Tomago Wave Vocal Samples $25.00
From Los Angeles based Singer/Songwriter and Producer Tako Tomago, Wave Vocals is a new collection of sounds designed  to fuel the creation of Wave and Melodic Bass music. From energetic hooks and leads, to icyy and hollow atmospherics and vocal chops- this pack has all the vocals you need to fill your productions with human emotion. Here is what Tako Tomago has to say "When creating this pack I was soaking in the various soundscape of Wave as inspiration for a new palette of sounds. There are tools here for lighting up the foreground, as well as filling up the background with beauty and depth. I hope it serves as a creative resource in your future studio sessions- I know it will in mine." Pack contains:100+ Vocal samples including:- Hooks- Verses- Atmospheric vocals / chops- One shots- Original 'Phonk' Acapellas and chops- Harmoniesin a wide range of bpms and keys.  Bonus Wave Toolkit which includes:- Songstarters and Tonal Loops- MIDI Progressions- Tako Tomago's Vocal racks using only Ableton Stock plug-ins (Ableton 11 and 10 Versions included)- Serum Wave Presets (6 Basses, 2 Leads, 2 Pads)  ***Disclaimer*** All of these sounds are royalty free and ready to use in any of your releases. However, you may not use Tako Tomago's name for distribution on streaming platforms without Tako Tomago’s written permission. Thank you !!