Pholo Wave Sample Pack Vol. 01
Pholo Wave Sample Pack Vol. 01 $12.00 $13.00
When you think UK Wave and Neo Grime scenes, Pholo is an artist that is always front of mind. The UK based powerhouse delivers a gritty underground sample pack, synonymous with sounds of a dingy East London basement party. Pack Specs 17 Kicks 10 Snares 10 Claps 11 Hats 17 Percs 6 Vocals 7 Textures 10 FX 8 *Bonus* Serum Presets
Pholo Wave Sample Pack Vol. 02
Pholo Wave Sample Pack Vol. 02 $12.00 $13.00
Designed with raw grime nostalgia in mind, this sample pack focuses on bringing you a raw energy inspired by the likes of Yung Gud, Pholo and Rapture4D.Perfect for adding that UK underground touch to your music. Pack Specs 12 Kicks 10 Snares 12 Claps 12 Hats 15 Percs 14 FX & Vocal Chops 8 Textures 10 Bonus Serum Presets
MYSTXRIVL Soundkit Vol. 01 Remaster
MYSTXRIVL Soundkit Vol. 01 Remaster $23.00 $25.00
MYSTXRIVL’s Soundkit Vol. 01 Remaster sees the iconic sample pack tweaked, sounding better and overall easier to use. With additional content from leading Wave producers MYSTXRIVL and REMNANT.exe, this sample pack dominates the Wave, Witch House, Future Garage and Downtempo Genres.The remaster has a focus on powerful drums that have a dark and cryptic vibe with nostalgic tones sprinkled in. This, combined with deep reese basses, bellowing synths and chilling atmospheric pads equips you with all you need to create dark and electronic inspired music.You can find these exact sounds used in MYSTXRIVL’s tracks, such as: Moonshinx, Blvck Rvin, Goin Undxr, For You, Nightfvll, Ghost and much more – as well as in many tracks by popular artists within the scene.
Tako Tomago Wave Vocal Samples
Tako Tomago Wave Vocal Samples $25.00
From Los Angeles based Singer/Songwriter and Producer Tako Tomago, Wave Vocals is a new collection of sounds designed  to fuel the creation of Wave and Melodic Bass music. From energetic hooks and leads, to icyy and hollow atmospherics and vocal chops- this pack has all the vocals you need to fill your productions with human emotion. Here is what Tako Tomago has to say "When creating this pack I was soaking in the various soundscape of Wave as inspiration for a new palette of sounds. There are tools here for lighting up the foreground, as well as filling up the background with beauty and depth. I hope it serves as a creative resource in your future studio sessions- I know it will in mine." Pack contains:100+ Vocal samples including:- Hooks- Verses- Atmospheric vocals / chops- One shots- Original 'Phonk' Acapellas and chops- Harmoniesin a wide range of bpms and keys.  Bonus Wave Toolkit which includes:- Songstarters and Tonal Loops- MIDI Progressions- Tako Tomago's Vocal racks using only Ableton Stock plug-ins (Ableton 11 and 10 Versions included)- Serum Wave Presets (6 Basses, 2 Leads, 2 Pads)  ***Disclaimer*** All of these sounds are royalty free and ready to use in any of your releases. However, you may not use Tako Tomago's name for distribution on streaming platforms without Tako Tomago’s written permission. Thank you !!
MYSTXRIVL Soundkit Vol. 02 Remaster
MYSTXRIVL Soundkit Vol. 02 Remaster $23.00 $25.00
The MYSTXRIVL Soundkit Vol 02 was a staple production kit in the early days of Wave, we are excited to bring you a remastered edition featuring improved versions of all the original sounds + lots of new additional material.This pack is ideal for producing Wave, Future Garage, Neo Grime and Witch House.Whether you're a beginner or a production pro, this pack will be a fine addition to your collection!