Free Hardwave Lead Presets Vol. 01
Free Hardwave Lead Presets Vol. 01 £0.00
15 Free Hardwave Presets sound designed by Kareful. Royalty free - feel free to use in all your productions!
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REMNANT.exe's Serum Hardwave Presets
REMNANT.exe's Serum Hardwave Presets £25.00 £27.00
We have teamed up with REMNANT.exe, one of the most exciting breakthrough Wave artists of 2021, to bring you 75 new unique and rich Serum presets. This preset pack is infused with REMNANT.exe’s top quality sound design inspired by his own productions.From distorted cyberpunk leads to deep evolving underwater pads, each preset has been carefully designed to upgrade your music to the next level. The presets are easy to use and feature macros that allow experimentation. Pack Specs 25 Basses 15 Leads 16 Plucks 17 Pads 2 Misc
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Kareful's Serum Hardwave Presets Vol. 01
Kareful's Serum Hardwave Presets Vol. 01 £18.00 £20.00
Taking inspiration from some of Wave's heavyweights such as Skeler, Deadcrow, Ofdream, Juche & more, Kareful has created 50 presets for Serum that are an essential tool for anyone looking to produce Hardwave.Whether you make Wave or want to use Wave-inspired sounds in your productions, you'll have nearly every type of sound needed to make an entire track from start to finish. You can start using these Hardwave Presets in your music today. Pack Specs 17 Basses 9 Leads 7 Plucks 6 Keys 11 Pads  
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Enjoii's Cyberpunk Serum Hardwave Presets
Enjoii's Cyberpunk Serum Hardwave Presets £18.00 £20.00
Designed with heavy hitting bass in mind, this pack focuses on the hardest and grittiest bass sounds found in enjoii's productions and the Hardwave genre as a whole.This pack acts as the perfect toolkit to create a song from scratch. Just add your favourite drum samples and you're good to go. Pack specs 20 Basses 8 Leads 9 Plucks 23 Atmospheric Pads 15 FX
REMNANT.exe Serum Presets Vol. 02
REMNANT.exe Serum Presets Vol. 02 £27.00
Inspired by early Wave, this pack contains 75 unique presets from basement shaking reese basses and rich leads to spacey sci-fi pads. Tune to bring out the richness in your melodies and baselines, there's plenty of sounds here to keep you going on those long sessions.Each preset comes complete with intuitive macros which when automated can completely change the sound for extra Wave goodness. Presets from this Remnant.exe pack can be used in any genre and work great with Hardware, Wave, Future Garage, Trap, Techno,Deep House, Future Bass, Trance, Chillout, Ambient, Experimental, Cinematic and many more. Pack Specs 20 Basses 18 Leads 16 Keys 17 Pads 4 Misc "I started many of these sounds outside of Serum, creating one-shots and atmospheres to be used in the noise oscillator. Some sounds you’ll find in the noise folder are sampled flute and guitar one-shots, old 90s digital synth samples from my Roland XP-80 keyboard, and granular atmospheres I created in Reaktor from my own voice and other sources (one of them was even created from an old voice memo of my friend’s cat warbling and squawking).The goal was not to use these sounds on their own, but as layers to add depth to new sounds created in Serum. It’s a sound design process I’m really happy I discovered and I’m really proud of the sounds I was able to create this way. I think there might also be one or two noises in the folder I didn’t end up using either, so consider that a nudge to try creating your own sounds with them!Many of the sounds of this pack were created with wave/hardwave in mind, but I think any producer will find something of value in this one, regardless of genre. The goal here was to just create another really cool unique preset library, and all of these sounds have a really high degree of playability and versatility to help fit the music you want to make with them. " REMNANT.EXE