Inodi & Pholo & Kareful - Second Sword VIP

Inodi & Pholo & Kareful - Second Sword VIP

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Ukrainian producer Inodi has placed his spin on UK wave heavy weights Kareful and Pholo in his latest release with Liquid Ritual.

Second Sword VIP' retains the essence of the original record while also integrating a fiery semblance fit for the dance floor. Original composers Kareful and Pholo invited Inodi into the production fold, considering the 'Second Sword VIP' a natural evolution of the original, rather than a standardised remix.

The release marks a new era for trusted tastemaker, Liquid Ritual as they re-engage the gears of the label after a short hiatus. With a monthly release scheduled and continual content pieces, Liquid Ritual is back at the helm delivering the best the wave scene has to offer.

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