REMNANT.exe Serum Presets Vol. 02

REMNANT.exe Hardwave Serum Presets Box Art

Inspired by early Wave, this pack contains 75 unique presets from basement shaking reese basses and rich leads to spacey sci-fi pads. Tune to bring out the richness in your melodies and baselines, there's plenty of sounds here to keep you going on those long sessions.

Each preset comes complete with intuitive macros which when automated can completely change the sound for extra Wave goodness. Presets from this Remnant.exe pack can be used in any genre and work great with Hardware, Wave, Future Garage, Trap, Techno,Deep House, Future Bass, Trance, Chillout, Ambient, Experimental, Cinematic and many more.

Pack Specs

  • 20 Basses
  • 18 Leads
  • 16 Keys
  • 17 Pads
  • 4 Misc
BASS - Attrition
BASS - Clean Reese
BASS - Launch Silo 06
BASS - Long Drive
LEAD - 4_19
LEAD - I'm In
LEAD - Open The Portal
LEAD - Softsys
KEYS - Cruising
KEYS - Geiger Sine
KEYS - Guitarmonic
KEYS - Happy Pluck
PAD - Aperture
PAD - Awakening
PAD - Broken Tape
PAD - Caveworld