REMNANT.exe's Serum Hardwave Presets

REMNANT.exe Hardwave Serum Presets Box Art
REMNANT.exe's Hardwave Presets Demo

We have teamed up with REMNANT.exe, one of the most exciting breakthrough Wave artists of 2021, to bring you 75 new unique and rich Serum presets. This preset pack is infused with REMNANT.exe’s top quality sound design inspired by his own productions.

From distorted cyberpunk leads to deep evolving underwater pads, each preset has been carefully designed to upgrade your music to the next level. The presets are easy to use and feature macros that allow experimentation.

Pack Specs

  • 25 Basses
  • 15 Leads
  • 16 Plucks
  • 17 Pads
  • 2 Misc
BASS - Dark Moody
BASS - Don't Hurt Me
BASS - Fat Wave Reese
BASS - Odd One Out
LEAD - Origin Story
LEAD - Sector 13
LEAD - Solace
LEAD - The Roil
PAD - Atlantis
PAD - Eastman
PAD - I'm Bored of Canada
PAD - Just A Dream
PLUCK - Hit Me
PLUCK - JP Trance
PLUCK - Pristine
PLUCK - Square Time