Enjoii's Cyberpunk Serum Hardwave Presets

enjoii's Cyberpunk Wave Serum Presets Demo

Designed with heavy hitting bass in mind, this pack focuses on the hardest and grittiest bass sounds found in enjoii's productions and the Hardwave genre as a whole.

This pack acts as the perfect toolkit to create a song from scratch. Just add your favourite drum samples and you're good to go.

Pack specs

  • 20 Basses
  • 8 Leads
  • 9 Plucks
  • 23 Atmospheric Pads
  • 15 FX
BASS - enjoii Reese
BASS - Fat
BASS - Garagey
BASS - Kate
BASS - Lorny
BASS - Neo Witch
LEAD - Struny
LEAD - Suspens
LEAD - Wavy
PAD - Fast Attack
PAD - Not In The Mood
PAD - Sadness
PAD - Space Odyssey
PLUCK - Mausy
PLUCK - Sawwy
PLUCK - Eurobass