almogfx - worldwide alert
almogfx - worldwide alert $0.00
'Worldwide alert' is almogfx's latest next wave single. Almogfx has been one of the artists spearheading the wave scene with the iconic reese sounds, emotional beats and spacey synths. Worldwide alert is a journey that evolves into a wonderful drop with all the sounds put together. almogfx has been an icon and every piece is an aesthetic piece of art. Worldwide alert is no different.
Liquid Ritual: Volume 3
Liquid Ritual: Volume 3 $0.00
Liquid Ritual returns with their highly anticipated Volume 3 Compilation, featuring a new collection of Wave music classics from 16 unique acts. This compilation is a testament to the label's commitment to showcasing the evolution of the genre and pushing boundaries of sound design and production. With tracks that span a diverse range of Wave music styles, from experimental to atmospheric, this compilation promises to captivate and immerse listeners in the innovative world of Wave music. Liquid Ritual's Volume 3 Compilation is a must-listen for fans of the genre, offering a mesmerising journey through the cutting-edge sounds and talents of the artists on the label.
haydys - Tear In The Sky
haydys - Tear In The Sky $0.00
'Tear In The Sky' is nostalgic, yet uplifting. It was written to reflect the familiar universal emotion of loneliness, while also bringing to light that each of us eventually finds something/someone to guide us and give us hope.
Kareful & Mannequin - Adele
Kareful & Mannequin - Adele $0.00
Highly anticipated collaboration of UK wave producers Kareful and Mannequin is finally here. Adele has been a staple in live wave shows around the globe being spun at every major Wave event in 2022.
onte & Desolent - stay here
onte & Desolent - stay here $0.00
Onte releases 'stay here' a haunting yet meditative dark electronic record. Onte explains, 'I always put my emotions into the music I make, so I hope people connect with this one.' Throughout 'stay here's spacious production, an ethereal vocal from Desolent beckons on the listener, acting as a sonic guide throughout the composition. With the rise of Wave and it's more serene counterpart Dark Electonic, Onte's & Desolent's 'stay here' will be a fixture in many playlists and a soundtracking those more somber aspects of life.
Aekae & Angel Cannon - Obsidian
Aekae & Angel Cannon - Obsidian $0.00
Influenced by the Brutalist aesthetic of London's estates, Aekae and Angel Cannon's 'Obsidian' is harsh yet resilient take on Wave. The track morphs Future Garage with Industrial Bass resulting in a captivating experience. Perfect for the early hours of the club or late-night drive, 'Obsidian's murky aesthetic captures the essence of the night!
Juche - All We Said
Juche - All We Said $0.00
Juche is no stranger to euphoric Dance music, with the release of 'All We Said' being a testament to that. The single blends melodic Trance elements in with lavish Future Bass resulting in a quintessential Wave soundscape that ebbs and flows throughout its duration. With Support from Porter Robinson, Uppermost, RL Grime, Krewella along with heavy weight curators Trap Nation and Trap City, Juche is a rising star in the European club space. 'All We Said' is another heater for his arsenal.
lonewulf - Forge
lonewulf - Forge $0.00
US producer lonewulf drops 'Forge' an atmospheric ensemble that morphs Future Garage, Lo-Fi Trap Beats and Synthwave into an engrossing Wave release. With support stemming from Sirius XM and renown producers The Chainsmokers, Boombox Cartel, SLUMBERJACK, Luca Lush, Heimanu and more, lonewulf has cemented himself as a force within the blossoming Wave scene. A testament to this is his placement in the top 50 on Beatport's Trap / Wave chart for 'Penumbra' on Liquid Rituals sister label DEKTORA, and his upcoming tour support for Deadcrow's US tour. 'Forge' is the perfect opener to set the mood or for providing an atmospheric recovery during peak times.
Kareful & Tyler Breaks - Decker
Kareful & Tyler Breaks - Decker $0.00
UK Wave heavy weight and vanguard Kareful teams up with South African Tyler Breaks for a classic Wave banger in 'Decker'. Kareful explains ''Decker' is taken from the tabletop RPG 'Shadowrun', where the 'Decker' class that is essentially a psionics hacker, which can infiltrate into other's minds.' The track morphs this concept into a multifaceted sonic melding Wave, Neo Grime, and Future Garage into a mind melting concoction. Kareful co-founded independent label Liquid Ritual, which continues to develop the genre and the Wave sound, with 'Decker' releasing on the imprint.
STATIC ANGEL - Devotion $0.00
Rising Wave star, STATIC ANGEL drops the Trance rich Wave heater, 'Devotion'. Her unique sonic takes you into a new dimension of the Hardwave and bass music scene drawing comparisons to Hyperforms and Skeler through the exploration of modern tech, futurism and escapism. STATIC ANGEL explains her writing process as, 'something with a more gloomy feel than my usual style. The great thing about Wave is that you can go wherever the mood takes you.' 'Devotion' is the definition of bringing emotion to the dancefloor.
Angel Cannon - Lie
Angel Cannon - Lie $0.00
Blending 2000s Pop Punk, Witch House and Wave, ANGEL CANNON lays his feelings bare with 'Lie'. Drawing influence from barnacle boi and other Wave visionaries, with ANGEL cannon describing 'Lie' as 'something that hasn't been heard before in the Wave scene; with Post Punk vocals, reggae guitar and an underlying sonic of classic Wave'. With ambitious aspirations of Wave's producers like ANGEL CANNON, it's clear why the genre has seen rapid expansion from the underground and into the mainstream dance space.
Tako Tomago - Absolution
Tako Tomago - Absolution $0.00
Tako Tomago releases 'Absolution', a classic Wave banger via genre vanguard, Liquid Ritual. Launching is project with a sync with Mercedes Benz, Tako Tomago has since grown his following across DSPs with notable month on month growth on SoundCloud and top 10 chart results on Beatport. Storytelling and haunting vocals set Tako apart from his contemporaries. 'Absolution's emphasis on melody, euphoric synths, soaring sound design and patterned percussion came together in an effort to create a brighter Tako Tomago sonic. He explains, 'I wanted it to feel anthemic and intimate at the same time. Something you can sing along to in the club, but also connect with in headphones after a long night out.'
KOSIKK & Gwendear - In The Sky
KOSIKK & Gwendear - In The Sky $0.00
Drawing influences from UK Garage, Witch House and the wider Bass scenes, 'In The Sky' from KOSIKK and Gwendear delivers a glimmering Wave record set to fill dance floors. The slow burn of the record draws listeners in before erupting into a choir of shimmering synths and propulsive bass. 'In The Sky' is the perfect opening record, interlude, or the top pick to close out a set.
Meddus - Elemental
Meddus - Elemental $0.00
The frontier of Wave, Liquid Ritual release 'Elemental' from forward thinking producers Meddus. The single captures the dread and danger of exploration into a cavernous void. Meddus explains, 'I was initially trying to produce an instrumental with room for vocals but I decided to go full on wave with vocal chops and huge atmospheric drones.' The artist's production prowess has captured the attention of not only Liquid Ritual, but also the likes of premier tastemakers Trap Nation and CloudKid. Added to this Meddus has charted on Beatport and garnered over 500K+ streams. With the release of 'Elemental', Meddus is poised to launch further up the ranks of the Wave and associated Bass scenes.
Kenaj - Alive
Kenaj - Alive $0.00
There's a reason that Liquid Ritual are the vanguard of Wave. 'Alive', the label debut from Kenaj is a testament to that sentiment. The rich soundscape melds the nuances of UK Dubstep with the emotive essence of Wave. Kenaj's hybrid take on the sonic is perfectly suited for a meditative mix, or closing out an a set with mellow tones.