Wave's worldwide influence has impacted Scandinavia, with Finnish producer hyperforms taking the reins with the release of 'MOTION'. The record is the epitome of the rapidly expanding Wave movement, where fluid melodies flirt with a progressive percussion. The continual movement in 'MOTION' is perfectly suited to the dance floor for any Wave, EDM, or progressive Trance show. Hyperforms' has a proven track record, from amassing over 6.8M streams to selling out club shows and filling festival dance floors across Europe and Russia. 'MOTION' is a continuation of hyperforms' lofty success and another quality record from Wave tastemakers, Liquid Ritual.

We sat down with hyperforms ahead of his release:

How did you move into producing Wave?

My sound has gradually changed and evolved quite a bit through out the years. However wave isn't really something I intentionally started making in the first place. To be honest at first I didn't even realize the music i was producing was called wave haha - I guess it's really just what my sound shaped towards to.


What was the inspiration behind MOTION?

I've always combined different styles of music in my production and the inspiration for my music comes from various different genres. Lately I've been enjoying a lot club music which inspired me to create something clubby with my own twist. 


What production and meaning did you inject into MOTION?

My aim was to create a hyperforms song with some club sauce, definitely something to drop in the clubs. It's definitely a new sound from me, something that I'm very excited to put out. 


How do you see the Wave scene developing in the future?

Since the early days wave as a genre has evolved massively, to the point it's already kind of hard to even describe what it is. There's a lot of diversity within the genre especially with all the cross-over stuff happening with genres like future bass, dubstep and drum and bass for example. As new sub-genres are emerging, wave will become more and more diverse as a genre and the scene will naturally grow way bigger than it is already. 


While it might not become mainstream, it definitely has the potential to get big in the EDM scene. Seeing many cases of big artists now supporting the wave scene: RL Grime dropping Skeler, Porter Robinson playing Juche, The Chainsmokers supporting my music - the list goes on. I think it's only a matter of time when wave artists are part of big festival line-ups and being appreciated by wider audiences. Ultimately I feel like wave is becoming way bigger concept than just another internet genre.


Who are some Wave acts you're vibing and why?

Lately I've been enjoying music from Juche, Sokos, Wevlth, Sublab and Skeler (obviously haha). There's definitely many more but It's impossible to list everyone since there's just so much talent in the scene - must say i'm very proud of these people. 

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You can stream 'MOTION' on all platforms by clicking here.

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