Behind I.D.F.K: Ivoryghost Shadows Are Forever's Liquid Ritual debut

Behind I.D.F.K: Ivoryghost Shadows Are Forever's Liquid Ritual debut

Hailing from the coastal city of Vlissingen in The Netherlands, Ivoryghost Shadows Are Forever is no stranger to the elements, with his debut label release, 'I.D.F.K' being nothing short of stirring a storm. Releasing on Liquid Ritual tomorrow, 'I.D.F.K' taps into the experimental and dynamic nature of Wave, morphing boisterous bass with an ethereal undertone. Acting as a self imposed challenge, the single is an enhancement to Ivoryghost Shadows Are Forever's arsenal, furthering his production prowess to new bounds.

We sat down with Ivoryghost Shadows Are Forever ahead of his release:

How did you move into producing Wave?

For the first years I was mostly making House music, and experimenting with some other genres. After some time I found Whispa on Soundcloud by accident, as I was just listening to whatever the algorithm brought me. Then I started digging around a bit in the related tracks and found people like Trash Lord and Wavemob. Their sound really intrigued me. Then via Facebook I found the Wave City group and dove into Wave properly. After half a year I decided to start with a clean slate and produce Wave.

What was the inspiration behind I.D.F.K.?

The name refers to me going back to the most essential part of what the fun in producing is for me, experimenting. Also the aim to make something harder, but I was not sure in what way. In a way you then discover the track as you make it, which I think is a lot of fun.

What production and meaning did you inject into I.D.F.K.?

In all honesty around the time that I made the track I found myself in a negative thinking cycle about my own production skills. In a way I needed to break out of that and prove myself wrong, the name also refers to me admitting to myself that 'not knowing' something is not something bad, as long as you're learning you're not making mistakes. In this notion I found the way to break out of that downwards spiral.

How do you see the Wave scene developing in the future?

I see a bit of a divide between the harder stuff and the softer stuff, not in a bad way. It's just people feel the need to distinct between the 2 more, which is fine. Since now Trap Nation and Trap City and similar platforms starting to pick up on that harder sound it is only a matter of time before the softer side gets more attention as well. Because people have to realise that a ripple effect is that it just brings more people to the overall scene. I think there is going to be plenty of growth both for artists and for event organisers in the scene. And I am really looking forward to see what the future holds!

Who are some Wave acts you're vibing and why?

There are so many I'm vibing with: Yama his grime orientated music is something I really love and Resonata's recent album absolutely blew my mind! Tigereyes is mad slept on, she makes beautiful layers of melodic textures that soothe my soul. Tako Tomago just released an amazing album as well, which I'm happy to say I will remix a track from! Also Calicry released her debut album this year which is a journey, honestly there is so many. To name a few more; Everous, Gl00my, Areal, Trent, ISSANN, Sweeper, Casual Death & Stonemist. I'm sure if missed some of them, there is just so many!

IDFK Artwork

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